I let you go…

I Let You Go…

In pursuit of my happiness,
I missed ours.

Somewhere along the road we traveled hand in hand,
we let go.

I thought it was to turn the page.

How long does that take?

When I reached for you,
It was to late.

Maybe we will always be to late,
Maybe I will keep fishing for your hand,
and you will find mine.

Maybe not.

My love for you stands still,
Head turned back, facing the golden path we came down together.
Bright and exuberant at the beginning,
Faded grey closer and closer
To where I find myself standing,


I did not have the words
Cold as stone in a stream frozen by winters touch.
you used to wash over me in a warm constant flow.
Tonight the only flow is that of tears.
Warm with hurt of old wounds
I am forced to tether
Now just realizing, I admit,
My only regret this far in life
Is not having the words you needed to hear
The words I needed to say
Burying myself in the fantasy was to easy,
I failed you there

We failed each other…

I prepare myself to let you go,
As you have let me drift away

Suddenly I find myself having words.

In our journey together
we did not need them,
We said it to each other with every embrace, kiss, caress, giggle, smile,
Cross glance or growl.

Our relationship was poetry in motion
I never found myself having to explain
At least not often!

I feel the need to express this

Late is better then never,

So I put my hands in my pockets
And slowly move on;
Whether it forward or sideways,
I’m not sure yet,

I just know now
I have to move…

Looking down the path

“Women Make Lousy Men”


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Born-Again Feminism – Newsweek.

This is the first article listed on this blog. I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting a blog about REAL feminism and then today, found this article while sitting at the dentist office, and decided…today is the day. Thanks to Ms. Kathleen Parker for this fantastic article that touches on so many of the areas dear to my heart.   Enjoy!

Born-Again Feminism – Newsweek March 14, 2011

How a movement that’s grown stale in America can draw new inspiration from its abaya-clad sisters in the Middle East.

Among life’s surreal experiences, few can compare with finding myself seated on a baroque bench, one of dozens lining the perimeter of an ornate drawing room in the palace of Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak in Abu Dhabi, chatting it up with three Ph.D.-endowed women sheathed in black abayas, sipping sweet hot tea and eating candies. “I think you Americans do not enjoy being women as much as we do,” said one, peering into my face with an earnestness one usually associates with grim news delivered to next of kin.

Say what?

Pressed further, she allowed that American women, in their quest for equality with men, had surrendered some of their uniquely feminine traits and attendant pleasures. The occasion was a luncheon in honor of then–first lady Laura Bush given by Sheikha Fatima, widow of the founder of the United Arab Emirates, on the first stop of a four-country tour to launch a partnership to fight breast cancer. From the U.A.E. we traveled to Kuwait, where we met courageous women who, having just been granted the vote the year before, had recently run for public office. None won, but they ran.
… Continue article at Newsweek … link above….

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